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My Top Ten Essentials for Every Grooming Kit

Hi there,
For today’s post I thought I’d write about my Top Ten Grooming Kit Essentials

  1. Magic Brushes
    I first discovered these beauties about a year ago now and I can honestly say they are the first thing I reach for every time I open my grooming kit. A pack of three will set you back about twelve to fourteen pounds (depending on where you get them from) but they are worth every penny, in my opinion. Magic brushes are useful to hide a multitude of sins from getting rid of thick mud to de-tangling and de-hairing. They can even be used to remove hair from saddle cloths and numnahs. I found mine especially useful in spring when my Welsh pony, Charlie was shedding his winter coat- and boy does he have a thick winter coat. – If that doesn’t tempt you they also come in a range of funky colours!
  2. A Hoof Pick with a brush on the end
    Now this may sound specific, but a hoof pick with a brush on the other side is just so much better to get that hard-to-reach poop your four legged friend has kindly squashed down the side of his frog.
  3. Hoof Oil-
    Hoof oil is not only beneficial for your horse’s feet, as recommended by many of my farrier friends, but also looks smart. I am currently using the ‘NAF Hoof Oil’ which is affordable and gets the job done. It is important, especially in summer, to make sure your horse’s feet stay moisturised to avoid cracking.
  4. Mane and Tail spray
    I think we can all agree mane and tail spray is a godsend. Especially when your horse has a tail as thick as Flynn’s. A spritz of mane and tail spray goes a long way and makes the job so much easier for you and I’m sure its less painful for your horse. I am currently using ‘NAF Silky Mane and Tail D-Tangler’ which I would definitely recommend to get that knot free look with half the amount of elbow grease. You can pick this product up at your local tack shop or online for about £9.99.
  5. Mane and Tail Brush
    It is standard for every good grooming kit to have a mane and tail brush, I use the one with the longer handle. These are available at just about every tack shop and it doesn’t really matter about the brand.
  6. Pig Oil-
    Pig oil, firstly, is not made from pigs you will be pleased to hear. Its name originates from being used on pigs to prevent their skin from becoming dry and cracking. Pig oil was recommended to me to stop my ponies rubbing in summer- which Charlie and Flynn have a tendency of doing due to their sweet itch. After some research I found other owners found it useful to treat and prevent mud fever. Pig oil creates a barrier between the skin and the moisture within the environment, it is also useful for heavier breeds to maintain healthy feathers. Pig oil used as a skin conditioner gives the coat a healthy shiny appearance. I don’t use it every day and I wouldn’t recommend using it on the withers if you’re planning on riding as it may make the reins slippy! Pig oil should be available at all good tack shops, I am using the ‘Lincoln Pig Oil and Sulphur’ which you can pick up for about £6.50.(*It is recommended to do a patch test on your horse before using this product to avoid any nasty allergic reactions.)
  7. Good quality Dandy Brush
    A good quality dandy brush is quintessential in every grooming kit to remove hair, dirt and grease from the coat- delightful. Although not technically a Dandy Brush, I have recently bought a HAAS Diva Brush to review which will be up in a later post so keep your eyes peeled!
  8. Citronella Spray
    Citronella spray or fly spray is useful to keep flies and midges off your horse especially if you’re out hacking. It is good practise to spray your horses when turned out in summer to keep those pesky flies away. As mentioned previously, my ponies unfortunately have sweet itch and so are particularly sensitive to the flies. Currently they are turned out head to toe in fly gear, they may look odd but in the long run its better for their skin! Some citronella sprays can be used on humans too!
  9. Comb
    A good old fashioned comb is often overlooked but is great for de-tangling and removing hair from your other brushes. Combs are also useful for plaiting to be more precise with the sectioning of the hair.
  10. Sponges
    Sponges are useful for washing your horse in summer, especially if yours are scared of the hose like mine! Also a smaller sponge is useful to clean those more  *Eh-hem* private areas.

And that’s it! It was hard to narrow these down from the vast array of brushes I own but we managed it! Thanks for reading and I hope you visit again soon.

Yours Truly,



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