Five reasons I love my horse…

Hi there,

Today I thought I would write about things to love about Flynn. I’d love to hear the same from other bloggers, feel free to tag me in your post!

  1. Flynn has absolutely no spacial awareness– being a bit of a dope, if Flynn has to go through a relatively small space he will almost definitely hit your knee on something in the process.
  2. Flynn is so docile he is the definition of bomb proof– He will walk past absolutely anything without batting an eyelid. Literally, we are yet to find something he doesn’t like. Someone in our village was throwing away an old fridge and had left it on their driveway, Flynn walks up to it, sniffs it and carries on his merry way. If a horse I’m out hacking with has a spook at something and won’t walk on, Flynn will wonder in front to show them everything is fine.
  3. Flynn knows when he’s done something he shouldn’t– If Flynn takes a mouthful of leaves off a nearby tree on a hack he immediately knows he shouldn’t have- I have rarely told him off so he’s not scared; just got a guilty conscience.
  4. Flynn is so relaxing to ride– You could sit back with a mug of tea in one hand and a magazine in the other on this horse he will march along just the same (although probably not BHS approved!)
  5. Lastly, Flynn is a man of routine– He knows his routine and does not like to be thrown out of it. In the morning he will be waiting for me to come up to the field to check on him and will let out a little whinny, I’m pretty sure he’s telling me to hurry up!

So as to not show favouritism, I should write something I love about Charlie and Chester:

Charlie will always come up to say hello to you in the field whilst the other two are stuffing their faces, he doesn’t have to- he’s just polite. Chester is a one woman horse and he can be so affectionate when he wants to be.

Recently I’ve been struggling to find equestrian related blogs to follow, so comment down below five things you love about your horse with a link back to your page so I can follow back and discover more blogs!

Yours Truly,



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